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Improve Your Sound Quality with PATCHED SRS Audio Essentials V1.2.3.12 Final By Bobiras2009

here are five reasons why you should try tri-fold audio.. - 1. you can download a free tri-fold stream of a scene from hodinkee tv - 2. you can also download /run the exact one you are playing now as audio! - 3. tri-fold audio is uniquely designed to make a great ambience, and to make specific sounds, like guns, and opens and closes, no matter what you are recording, or where you are recording, or who you are recording with. - 4. it works on any audio /midi device running apple, linux, windows, android, or any platform. - 5. it will never effect your existing audio. you can add tri-fold audio to your pre-made mix and it will add nothing to your mix- you can remove it and it will not mess your tracks up. if you wanna change something about the sound, do it in your daw or in a plug-in.

PATCHED SRS Audio Essentials V1.2.3.12 Final By Bobiras2009

this page is dedicated to all of those that have been using it and sharing this on their networks and forums. my name is bobiras. this is not my paid petition. this is a free tool to get the most out of the audio on your favorite video games, movies, anime, audio books, music, audiobooks, television shows and more. the reason i created this free tool is to bring those wonderful in-game and media audio sound tracks to the most popular pc, mac and android based handheld and mobile devices. over the last 6 months or so i have become very good at fixing audio issues on a variety of applications and media. on pc's ive worked on cod 4 black ops 2, cod: ghosts, call of duty modern warfare 2, call of duty: world at war, battlefield 3, black ops 2, battlefield 4, black ops 3 and call of duty: black ops 3. ive also worked on more mobile and handheld games such as pokemon go, terraria, tom clancys ghost recon wildlands, skylanders step up to adventure, google earth, league of legends, league of legends 2, wwe 2k17, mario kart 8, super mario 3d world, mega man legacy collection, call of duty: infinite warfare, minecraft pocket edition, the legend of zelda: majoras mask 3d, crash bandicoot n.sane trilogy, little kings story, disney infinity 2.0 and 2.1, and many more. im primarily a video game and handheld audio expert, but i have over 10 years of experience fixing audio for other applications as well. i have fixed audio on a variety of media including, video games, pc games and dvd/blu-ray releases, television shows, movies, books, e-books, music, and audio books. im not a computer geek. this is not an application for apple and microsoft windows professionals. my specialty is solving audio issues, not creating and coding applications. the vast majority of the source code is open source and available for others to reference and learn from. for me this is about the audio quality and not creating applications. just know that if you are new to programming you can use this as a learning tool as much as it is a working tool. i have a strong background in audio analysis and analysis tools. i use a variety of audio analysis tools such as audacity, audition, avid pro tools, blender, guitar pro 6, ibracketpro, wavepad, celt, super vst, trilian, fatfisher, super compress and music analysis tools such as sonarbelow are the software applications that i use to fix the audio problems and release the audio tracks available with this site. (provided by the developers and their associates)


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