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Speaker Panelist for UNSDG-2021
Vice Chancellor GITAM
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UN Sustainable Development Goals-VDC Panelist - December 10 2019
UNSDG's Through Entrepreneurship - YouTube

Honoured by State Minister of Transport Shri Antony Raju-Kerala

National Reading Day- Kerala Literacy Mission 2021-Taking Research to Schools-June 19

Sastra Sahitya Parishad Joint Effort

Taking research down to school level, One period of time table to include scientific experiments, kits for school level research, research methodology taught in vacations, encyclopedias and other books delivered to home from school, one room in schools as research coordinating center, involvement parents for home scientific experiments.

National Research Mission beginning 2021

Beautiful Landscape
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World Enviornment Day 2021-June 5

Planting trees for a better world tomorrow. Environmental restoration is closely allied with or perhaps sometimes used interchangeably with  ecological restoration or environmental remediation.Working in close laison  with Sastra Sahiyta Parishad ....changes begin at home

Feb 28 2021
National Science Day


Nanoscale Flow Choking and Spaceflight Effects on Cardiovascular Risk of Astronauts – A New Perspective

Best Medical Research Paper 2021

published at Aerospace Research Central

Peresented at AIAA 2021 conference

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