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Fields Of Excellence

Over 25 years of experience in cardiothoracic surgery and having performed over 12,500 cardiac surgeries, pioneered novel method of myocardial revascularisation using beating heart continuous antegrade perfusion for valves with LV dysfunction,fully skeletonized total arterial complete revascularization with bilateral mammary and bilateral radials on beating heart , Indian method of nonresectional graded mitral valve repair and indigenous method of LV remodeling with Triple Patch method. Was involved in setting up of  SSIHMS Puttaparthi, KIMS, Travancore Heart Institute and now associated with upcoming YANS Medical Institute

Was part of the team that performed the first successful MCS implantation, transplantation team, inhaled NO  and stem cell therapy at AIIMS. This was followed by first successful ECMO of the state, first awake beating heart bypass and first awake beating heart congenital cardiac defect closure in the state. Now pioneering cardiovascular research with Saispandan Total Artificial Heat with bearingless switched reluctance motor, GSV-leadless battery less pacemaker, GSHK- AI enabled US probes, CAAPS- arrythmia prediction systems and ROSAI- AI enabled instrument design. Inhaled nanoparticle drug delivery for CAD and fluid choking studies in zero gravity situations, CFD studies on stents and valves and novel prediction of heart attacks with wearable devices and definition of shock wave generation in fluid choking.


Valve Repairs on Beating Heart

LV Remodelling

Total Arterial Quadruple Bypass

HOCM Repairs

Areas of Expertise

  • Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

  • Cardiac Arrhythmia Surgery


  • Mechanical circulatory assistance

Cardiac Transplantation

Coronary artery disease

AI, VR ,AR Enabled Cardiac Surgeries

Cardiovascular Nanomedicine

Dry Energy Plasma Therapy

Cardiac Genomics

Heart failure

Stem Cell Therapy

Areas of Expertise
Advanced Cardiovascular Research

Auto Engineered Heart

Zero Gravity Nano Fluid Choking

Inhaled Nano particles

AI Enabled Imaging

VR Enabled Surgeries

AI Enabled Instrumentation

Cardiac Robotic Proximal and Distal Anastamotic Devices

Myocardial Protection

Leadless Batteryless MRI compatible Pacemaker-Quadruple crown

Valve Shear Stress Anlaysis

Dry Energy In Cardac Surgery

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