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12-minute Dark Souls II Gameplay revealed

These extended looks at the gameplay revealed a great deal about what we can expect from the game in terms of mechanics. Please see the Game Mechanics section for a detailed look at what exactly we can expect.

12-minute Dark Souls II gameplay revealed

Hardcore gaming fans who like virtually insurmountable challenges will be happy to know that Dark Souls 2, the much anticipated follow-up to Dark Souls, will be at least just as tough as its predecessor. This became clear when Japanese developers From Software released a 12-minute demo video revealing the gameplay and general feel of their latest product.

But developers insisted that this is not what they had in mind, and the recently revealed demo video is likely to put all worries to rest for good. In the short 12-minute span of gameplay revealed, the character is seen being killed several times, in many different ways.

Demon's Souls is one of the most exciting PS5 exclusives releasing this year, with Bluepoint Games fully remaking From Software's 2009 masterpiece to take advantage of the new hardware. In a new 12-minute gameplay walkthrough, creative director Gavin Moore showed off offline gameplay, as well as the HUD that was disabled during previous gameplay demonstrations.

As part of Gamescom 2022 proper, Round8 has debuted a 12-minute gameplay video of Lies of P. This clip gives fans a good glimpse at the general atmosphere to expect, the tight corridors players will find themselves in, some of the weapons in Lies of P, and a variety of enemies too. For anyone who has been following the game, this gameplay video is a worthwhile investment.

Last week we shared some news and screenshots regarding the announcement of Darksiders 3, and today, we got some footage! IGN got a 12-minute demo of some alpha gameplay footage, and while it could use a little polish, the game is looking pretty solid. Check out the footage which features our newest horseman as she runs through sewers and battles a giant crab monster, and if you missed our first announcement and all the details surrounding this game, click here.

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