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Their father never thought much about their interacting with the black parents and kids. He took good care of the two families that lived on the farm and they in turn worked hard to make the business a very profitable one. What he did not fully realize was that his daughters were now teenagers and were budding into very adorable young women.

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Now it had become more difficult for Toby to chauffeur the young teens to the market. He could not help but notice the curves developing on their bodies. To make things worse, the girls would grab and hug him as they cheerfully babbled on about the trip and generally what was going on in their lives.

On this particular trip, Candy was sitting next to Toby and had a sunflower dress on which the top was revealing for a nineteen year old. Toby could not help being stimulated and he could feel his cock hardening as he took quick glances at her breasts and pretty legs. Her sister, Teresa, was in the back seat of the wagon just chatting away.

Thoughts raced through his mind of dragging the both of them into the bush, Then, forcefully spreading their small innocent legs and stroking his black manhood in their virgin pussies as he pressed his towering black body on them. Holding one down while fucking the other as both girls begged for release. Shooting African cum into them as they squealed and squirmed on the ground yet, he knew that one of them might escape and bring harm to him. Toby tried to erase such vile thoughts. He really did care for the girls and their safety. But, his large black cock had a mind of it's own.

"I can't believe that I am doing this, Toby. We had better stop right here. Although strangely exciting, it doesn't need to go on further." My father would kill us both if he found out about this. My touching a black man's penis and him touching my breasts. God help both of us. Please help me, I've never been in a situation like this or had such such mixed feelings. I am truly embarrassed. I'm only nineteen and here I am half naked with a black man," Candy pleaded.

"Don't be afraid, my little girl. I will make sure you are okay." Said Toby. From his pouch that he had brought, he removed some lubricant jelly. He knew that this virgin would need it to accept his size once he had broken her hymen. He rubbed it in as Candy looked on curiously and a bit scared.

Toby then placed Candy on her back He spread her small blithe white legs around his bottom and He then slowly pressed his cock at her entrance. Candy was alarmed yet offered no resistance except for tears in her eyes. This was not the way it was suppose to be losing her virginity. Her being ravished by a coal black African. Thoughts of why she let it get this far were racing through her mind. Then she all of a sudden realized a more dangerous situation.

An nineteen virgin girl can be very gullible and Candy was not an exception. She stared down as this huge black man began to penetrate her. She didn't know that once that rigid black cock was invading her loins....there would be no turning back. Toby knew that too as he began to penetrate her.

Her body then shook with an unexpected and violent orgasm. The pain lessened and her body began accepting the black cock invading her small white body. A surreal feeling was now creeping into her. She was becoming a woman in a way she never anticipated. Juices flowed in her virgin body and another orgasm shot through her.

Only a few years from being a child and now having a very black African man pounding her innocent 19 year old body was unreal. She struggled with the weight and pounding of his black African frame ravishing her virgin loins.

He held her small white arms to the hay as she tearfully cried. Her virginity had been black fucked away. Toby continued to violate and press his black dick in her young virgin loins and stroke her small body as she lay under him. He still did not have all of his cock in her. Only about five or six inches penetrated her. His sweat fell and formed modules on her breast and tummy.

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