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Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall

HD New Orleans - Phoenix ^NEW^

one of the best places to visitI didn't get to spend as much time here as some of the other bars in the city which will bring me to my first and only negative comment. This bar is a bit off the beaten path if your staying near Bourbon St. Catching a cab there was pretty simple after Mardi Gras was over but during Mardi Gras with the crowds you would want to wait until later which by than you've already gotten settled into other bars. Now with that said if the biggest complaint I had was getting there you should know I loved this place when we finally made it. Super friendly staff and patrons. Cheap but very strong drinks. The upstairs bar is where all the action happens and believe me action happens. From a guy seated next to me at the bar naked who politely reached around to "welcome" me to new orleans to all the other patrons behind the little walls that divide the space between bar and play area. Sadly we only had one night here but when we come back to New Orleans this will be are go too bar.

HD New Orleans - Phoenix



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