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Sanal Flow Choking: A Paradigm Shift in Computational Fluid Dynamics Code Verification and Diagnosin


The discovery of Sanal flow choking is a scientific breakthrough and a paradigm shift in the diagnostics of the detonation/hemorrhage in real-world fluid flow systems. The closed-form analytical models capable of predicting the boundary-layer blockage factor for both 2D and 3D cases at the Sanal flow choking for adiabatic and diabatic fluid flow conditions are critically reviewed here. The beauty and novelty of these models stem from the veracity that at the Sanal flow choking condition for diabatic flows all the conservation laws of nature are satisfied at a unique location, which allows for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code verification. At the Sanal flow choking condition both the thermal choking and the wall-friction-induced flow choking occur at a single sonic fluid throat location. The blockage factor predicted at the Sanal flow choking condition can be taken as an infallible data for various in silico model verification, validation, and calibration. The 3D blockage factor at the Sanal flow choking is found to be 45.12% lower than the 2D case of a wall-bounded diabatic fluid flow system with air as the working fluid. The physical insight of Sanal flow choking presented in this review article sheds light on finding solutions, through in silico experiments in base flow and nanoflows, for numerous unresolved problems carried forward over the centuries in physical, chemical, and biological sciences for humankind.

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