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Swa means one's own, belonging to oneself, innate, inherent, natural, inborn is also a reference to the soul, and asthi means present, existing or being. Therefore, swasthi means selfexistence, the fact that one is alive and awake. This essentially starts with purity of thought, which spreads as purity of ambience. Swasti acknowledges well being universally with an afrmative wish that the sound wellbeing of ambience and the self continues by the grace of the omnipresent component of all constituents of the Universe. Pure ambience attracts peace and prosperity.Isopanishad exhorts “This universe is the creation of the supreme, meant for the benet of all His creations. Individual species must, therefore learn to enjoy its benets by forming a part of the system in close harmony with other species. Let not any one species encroach upon the others right”. Charaka and Susruta observed not only that bodily health as a personal problem, but also its relations to heredity, geographical environment, climate, water supply, quality of air, time and seasonal variation.

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