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12/14 Hybrid BSRM based SaispandanTotal Artificial Heart As Destination therapyDevice: Advantages

Abstract With increasing number of patients in end stage biventricular heart failure requiring transplantation and as conventional transplantation is unable to fulfill the demands the need for total artificial heart as destination therapy is on the forefront. Technological advances have made this approach a reality. External or tethered devices limit quality of life (1). Models like Saispandan which are totally implantable offer multitude of advantages and improves quality of life. To achieve this goal a rectifier for transcutaneous energy transmission and autonomous operation with biocompatible materials is a must. Motor driver electronics, LiFePo4 battery pack with charger, microcontroller that monitors and controls the functions, along with stable operation on TET and battery supply with safe switch modes is also essential. TET efficiency is around 20% and 30% on battery power. This would enable the device to enter into animal trial phase.

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