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The Physics of Detonation Chemistry: A Radical Theory in Predicting the Deflagration to Detonation


The theoretical finding of the Sanal-flow-choking PMCID: PMC7267099 is a methodological advancement in predicting the deflagration-to-detonation-transition (DDT) in the real-world-fluid flows (continuum/non-continuum) with credibility.1,2 Herein, we provide a proof of the concept of the Sanal-flow-choking and streamtube-flow-choking causing DDT in wall-bounded and free-external flows. Once the streamlines compacted, the considerable pressure difference attains inside the streamtube and the flow gets accelerated to the constricted region for satisfying the continuity condition set by the conservation law of nature. If the shape of the streamtube in the internal/external flow is similar to the convergent-divergent (CD) duct the phenomenon of the Sanal-flow-choking and supersonic flow development occurs at a critical-total-to-static pressure ratio (CPR) in yocto to yotta scale systems and beyond, which leads to shock wave generation or detonation as the case may me. At the lower critical detonation or hemorrhage index, the CPR of the reacting flow and the critical blood-pressure-ratio (BPR) of the subjects (human being/animal) are unique functions of the heat-capacity-ratio (HCR) of the evolved gas in the CD duct. In silico results are presented herein to establish the proof of the concept of the Sanal-flow-choking and streamtube-flow-choking causing shock-wave/detonation in diabatic flow systems and asymptomatic-hemorrhagic-stroke in biological systems. The physics of detonation chemistry presented herein sheds light for exploring supernova explosions.107

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