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Impeller Design Analysis and Evaluation of BSRM Total Artificial Heart: Sai Spandan

Abstract Multiple impeller designs are available for total artificial heart design. Design of centrifugal pumps should minimise shear stress that is cause of haemolysis and thrombosis. The design chosen for impeller of Saispandan is backwardly curved four bladed designs. The impellers are powered by twin 12/14 bearing less switched reluctance motor powering its core. It is a twin motor double impeller assembly with proposed separate control systems for the right and left side. The development envisages in addition to a unique impeller design an automatic speed control system, automatic right/left balance, minimal hemolysis achieved with elegant designing of its elements and analysis using computational fluid dynamics. No thrombogenic zones were noted on analysis. Keywords: Saispandan; Hybrid Bearing Less Switched Reluctance Motor; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Centrifugal Blood Pumps; Haemolysis; Thrombosis; Shear Stress

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